Cement jointing adhesive for AAC block

GEN BOND is a grey cement based adhesive jointing mortar for quick spreading and fast construction bonding adhesive for aerated light weight Block, cellular light weight concrete (CLC), Fly ash brick, cement block, panels and solid hallow block etc.,

GEN BOND is a high quality Polymer modified dry mix with cement, sand and fillers. Thin bed laying method with increased productivity and resistance against water penetration, good workability, better binding, easy in application, pump ability and water retentively will improve better strength of mortar.

Application apply the mixed paste over the surface and comb through trowel followed by notched trowel to make a levelled uniform bed of required thickness, place the block over the bed and gentle tap.

Special features

  • Thin bed technic less material consumed
  • Excellent adhesion with greater tensile strength
  • Good flexural and compressive strength
  • Self curing material
  • Pump able and trowel applaible

Form Grey cement dry mix powder, 40kg bag pack

Water dilution Approx. 9.5 to 10 litre of water require to make thick paste

Spread area 125 to 150 sft /40kg pack at 3mm thickness.