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Water proofing plaster

GEN PLAST is a plaster of high quality pre mixed material in dry form plaster, which can be used depending upon thickness of coating. This can be applied on aerated light weight bricks, fly ash brick, Cement block and Panels, being coarse in nature gives better filling over surface undulation or for deep cut lines on brick, plastering and for repair work.

GEN PLAST is specially formulated with cement , polymers, fibers, aggregates’, inert fillers giving good surface filling and leveling.

Special features

  • Coating thickness can be reduced than conventional plastering
  • Material Wastage reduced
  • Plastering time reduced
  • Cost saving by using lesser man power
  • Reduced curing time
  • Relatively smooth finish


GEN PLAST can be applied with the help of spatula / putty blade.

GEN PLAST can be used for thickness ranging from 1mm to 5mm

Coverage Approx. 280 to 300 sft. 40kg bag at < or = 3mm thickness. Available in grey/white cement form.

Packing: Gen Plast is available 40kg HDPE pack