Wall care putty white cement based

GEN TECH wall putty is white cement based polymer modified dry mix powder specially made to work on levelled
cement sponge finished interior and exterior surface, for direct application over Cement plastered walls and ceiling.

GEN TECH pre mixed dry putty consisting of white cement, very fine inert fillers, polymers and water Retention additives to facilitate surface adhesion, workability and surface smoothness. It gives excellent adhesive strength, durability and enhances the life of paint.

Application mix 300ml to 400ml per kg of dry mix powder use mechanical stirrer or use gloves for hand mixing.

It is advisable to start with stiffer mix and gradually add required water for the application consistency and apply with spatula/putty blade. Ensure previous coat is completely dry Before applying next coat Coverage approx. covers 12 to 15 sft. Per kg at 1mm to 1.5mm thickness
Packing available in 40 kg hdpe bag pack